Our Vision

First Southern Baptist Church Vision Statement

We envision a church where inspiring worship glorifies God, who is the pillar of our public worship. We envision worship that includes the heart, mind and emotions of God’s people.

We envision a church that meets the worship needs of the various generations and where a spirit of joy is expressed.

We envision a church that is driven to reach our neighbors, our nation, and our world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The budgets, programs, and leaders of our church reflect a high commitment to outreach and evangelism.

We envision a church where God’s word is relevantly communicated, through the various verbal and non-verbal ministries of our church. As a result people are eager to please God by applying His word to every area of their lives.

We envision a church where fellowship with people of like-minded faith is necessary in maintaining a Christian walk.

We envision a church where the hurting can find healing, the confused can find peace of mind, the mourning can be comforted, and where the lonely can find fellowship.